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افضل شركة تخزين اثاث بالرياض

Dear Customer, you are assured of dealing with the most popular furniture storage companies in Riyadh and all over the Kingdom.

The best furniture storage company in Riyadh
If you want to get acquainted with a furniture storage company and see for yourself how distinctive we are and how we treat furniture carefully, you can visit our furniture storage warehouses spread across the Kingdom; to see another world of creativity and excellence, your furniture can not be mixed with other furniture, and can not be شركة نقل اثاث Any loss or damage to furniture occurs, we protect your furniture from theft, and provide all safety measures to maintain it.

Contact our company to save time and effort and preserve your furniture

But if you can't choose where to store furniture carefully contact our company, because we have the best warehouses specially designed for this purpose, it has been divided into rooms with shelves far from the ground after the insects reached them, also contains fire safety devices, and the furniture is cleaned periodically To keep it.

The company offers warranty periods against storage defects that extend throughout the period of furniture storage at the company, so Furniture Storage Company in Riyadh ensures optimal storage and protection of furniture.

Furniture storage company in Riyadh that your dependence on the purity company to store furniture is the right decision at the same time due to the fact that we are the best furniture storage company in Riyadh.

Al Naqaa Company provides the best furniture storage company in Riyadh today to solve all the problems that bother you, provide stores dedicated to the highest possibilities for the storage of furniture and storage of electrical appliances and devices and storage of glass objects to protect them from breakage, these stores are also equipped and equipped on all sides to store furniture; The most important of these is the proper temperature for storage, as wooden furniture packaging and other aspects that protect your furniture.

Moving and storage of furniture in Riyadh
The furniture storage company in Riyadh is distinguished from other companies in the same field with the following things:
 The purity company for furniture storage contract with its customers through two types of contracts; the first type: is for annual contracts, and the second type: it is for monthly contracts, and the customer chooses the appropriate types of contracts
 After filling the luggage, the furniture storage company in Riyadh put a paper on each carton to show what is inside each carton.
 Furniture storage company in Riyadh offers all its customers the transfer of luggage from the company's warehouses to the new home to be moved luggage, and using the tailored cranes for that.
Luggage storage companies in Riyadh
Luggage storage companies in Riyadh There are many reasons why the owner of the house needs to store his house for a long time while preserving it from any harm that may be caused by dust, insects and rodents of these reasons:

Traveling for a long time.
The desire of the owner of the house to change the decorations.
Buying relocation from abroad for a new house or villa under finishing.
These and other reasons make the owner of the house need to store the luggage and to check on his safety. Here comes our role, we are furniture storage companies in Riyadh to do the job and preserve the furniture of your home from all the factors that expose your home to the damage to storage services in Riyadh provide customers with the highest quality.